Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gingerbeer and naartjie slush

Hello summer holidays! I don't have to tell you what that means do I? Well, I will anyway. 
It means beach days and sunburn and sand stuck on your toes all day and  the smell of a braai being lit somewhere and warm sunshine on your face and salty skin and lazing by the pool and soft serve ice cream dripping on your fingers and balmy evenings and... We really do live in the best country don't we? 

Before I get all excited about the beautiful summer holiday we'll be having, I'm actually off to freezing Italy (yes, pity me please!). I've been so looking forward to being snowed on for the first time and eating chestnuts roasted on the fire, and consuming my bodyweight in pasta... Until of course it came to posting this recipe - the last one for 2013. It's just so summery and quite South African with it's naartjie and gingerbeer flavours (hope you didn't miss the Peppermint crisp tart milkshake a while back!). While I sip on this icy slush and ponder just how cold -2 degrees is, it will come as a welcome thirst quencher for the gloriously hot summer ahead. 

The gingerbeer and naartjie slush is so deliciously simple with just the right amount of tang, ginger kick and icy refreshment. It's the perfect drink to serve on a steamy day at a braai with friends or simply to sip on poolside. I've used my Zoku Slush & Shake maker again (everyone should have one of these this summer) to get it all icy and slushy, and okay, I'll be honest, I added a good glug of gin to mine - absolutely scrummy! 
Happy summer holidays - and soak up some sunshine for me will you? Cheers!

Ginger beer and naartjie slush
Serves 2 (if you're feeling generous enough to share)

1 ½ cups freshly squeezed naartjie juice, chilled
1 cup gingerbeer, chilled
Juice from ½ lime

Combine the naartjie juice, gingerbeer and lime and pour into the Zoku Slush & Shake maker. Stir every 60 seconds until thick. 

TIP: A shot of tequila or brandy poured in at the end, makes for a great cocktail!

*This post has been sponsored by the awesome people at Zoku who make an array of gadgets to whip up icy delights! Visit their website here or like the Facebook page for more yummy recipes. You can find the Slush & Shake makers at Boardmans, @Home and CNA stores or at my personal favourite,

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  1. I've just ordered my Zoku slush maker from Yuppiechef,so excited to try this out! I am not a big fan of gingerbeer, what flavours would you recommend as an alternative?