Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner at Pierneef a La Motte

I often joke that my expanding waistline is the only disadvantage of my job and although it sounds glorious to dine at numerous restaurants each month, I often long for the days when eating out was a special occasion.  With so many amuse bouche’s passing my palate and wines being sipped it often all becomes a blur and it’s a rare moment when a meal has me closing my eyes in sheer culinary enjoyment… this is why I believe Pierneef à La Motte is so incredibly special.

Words cannot describe the breathtaking beauty of this estate with its sprawling green lawns, towering oaks and stylish design. The restaurant interior oozes sophistication and it’s clear that quality was not spared. Neither was the personal touch of owners Hein and Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg who sourced small items such as the beautiful salt and pepper grinders found on each table.

The launch of the new Chef’s Table concept offers an experience like no other if mine is anything to go by. The Chef’s Table is situated in a cozy corner of the restaurant close enough to the kitchen to catch a sneak peak of Chef Chris Erasmus at work. What makes this culinary adventure so special is that you will have the knowledge of this outstanding chef at your disposal, assisting you in creating a completely personal menu for you and your guests.

The 6-course meal Chris created for the launch evening designed around 6 carefully selected wines, was flawless, imaginative and had me holding my breath in anticipation with the arrival of each course. Chris’s dedication to absolute perfection of both presentation and flavour is admirable, but it was his ability to elevate both the food and wine to deliciously new levels that earned him the title of true culinary genius in my books.  A remarkable culinary experience that will not easily be forgotten. 

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  1. My partner and I also enjoyed an amazing dining experience at this restaurant. It is a gastronomic must for a special occasion.