Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupcake Crazy

Sugar, spice and everything nice are what little girls are made of... and I am definitely in love with all things pink, fluffy, pretty and yummy! Cupcakes, of course, being all those... baked into one delicious, frosted treat - how convenient?!

These cupcakes were created for a wedding supplement we did in the magazine and the story explored the cuter side of wedding cakes... cupcakes and petit fours amongst others... The photoshoot was one big blur for me - the story was conceptualized, shot and produced all in one day! And, being Food Assistant at the time, this was the first shoot I styled on my own - exciting and scary! A friend of mine, Christelle Botha is the photographer and I think she did a really great job with the lighting...

If I thought that was the end of cupcakes for a while... I was very wrong! At the beginning of this month, Katelyn's Cupcake Corner was born in the Top Billing magazine food section - and yes cupcakes are just so beautiful they deserve an entire corner to themselves!

I have not met a single person whose eyes do not twinkle at the sight of a cupcake... which is why I bake them to celebrate any occasion! My nickname is Cupcake for a reason, you know! :)

Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to these beauties after the shoot? Let's just call it a Top Billing employee perk...

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